Here’s a radical idea…. the Landlord as employee.

To my thinking a landlord is an employee of the tenant. The tenant is hiring the landlord to do a job and is going to pay them for the services they provide. In this case why not have a letter of recommendation from your last employer ? If you are a good landlord then your tenant might be happy to provide one for you. If you want to set yourself apart from other landlords you can bet that this will do it !

Here’s one I just received….

September 29th 2014

Dear future renters,

(Name removed) was my landlord for three years and I can say without reservation that he is the best I ever had. And I have had a lot! Unlike so many, he is sane, consistent, unerringly reasonable and fair. With ______, I always knew where I stood.

If something wasn’t working, he fixed it right away. Even when he was on vacation he responded to my texts and calls quickly. Never once did I have to leave a second message.

As a tenant, I also appreciated his concern for the environment. He invests in his properties to keep them energy efficient. The windows are well sealed and the furnaces are extremely efficient. As a result my bills were lower and I didn’t have to feel guilty heating the place to a livable level, as I have in other, draftier places.

When we moved out, _____ gave us all our deposit money back (except for $35 which we totally owed!) and I never had to worry about it. When applying for the apartment ______ showed his letters of recommendation from former tenants and I really appreciated it. I’m thrilled I get to write one for him now.

________ has my wholehearted recommendation. If we hadn’t bought a house, we might never have left. You’re in good hands if you rent from him.

All the best,

Tenant name removed for privacy.