Good advice from a Tibetan Buddhist Teacher

mr. burns“When we’re stingy we always feel poor because we never have enough. Even when we have billions, if we’re only focused on how much more we can get, how to beat our rivals, we still feel dissatisfied. We lose a few million and we feel deep agony, in spite of our remaining billion. Whereas someone with nothing can be happy with that nothing, if they are preoccupied with how someone else is. Wealth is contentment, the happiness of forgetting about how much you have.” – Robert Thurman

While I don’t know any billionaire landlords, his words are a great reminder for most Americans who have more than we really need, and particularly for us landlords who are probably more wealthy than 95% of the people on this planet – even if all we own is a little one bedroom studio apartment tacked onto the back of our house.